Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, August 6, 2015

(Email from 7/26/15)
Hi everyone!
It has been another wonderfully crazy week!
Some details I failed to mention last week:
- words Australians use that we don't
heaps (a lot)
mate (friend, buddy)
petrol (gas)
yous (you all, y'all, you guys)
- My area is called Liverpool
- My companion and I share an apartment with two other sisters that we are splitting the ward with. Sister Jacobsen is San Diego and Sister Chaipinit is from Thailand. They are wonderful!

We had a goal to teach a total of twenty lessons and last night we were one lesson away from that goal. We thought and prayed to know who The Lord needed us to teach and visit and decided on a less active woman who had not been able to meet with us recently. She was home and invited us in! We were able to teach her and her sister about the importance of prayer and its role in our lives. There was a very strong spirit there and I believe we all learned something. We invited her to say the closing prayer. Although initially reluctant, this less active woman offered the most genuine and humble prayer I have ever heard. She began to cry as she felt the spirit. Earlier in the week, I had read a scripture in my personal studies and had been sharing it with those we were teaching. That scripture repeated itself in my mind during that prayer. "The Lord will remember the prayers of the righteous." (Mormon 5:21)
Everyone, I am SO grateful for this gospel in my life. I am grateful for the guidance and peace that it gives me and I am grateful for this opportunity to share this gospel with others.
I love and miss every single one of you and thank you for your love, prayters, encouragement and support!
Sister A

(Email from 8/3/15)
Hello everyone!
It has been another wonderful week.
- Sister Morgan and I, without realizing it, were able to teach a ton of lessons this week! I love her so much and am so very grateful to have her as my companion at this time. We are getting along great and teaching together really well.
- We have one progressing investigator, Alisha. She's 15 and reading the Book of Mormon. She is already up to Enos!! We are super excited for her!! Daniel is another investigator who we have high hopes for. He hasn't made it to church yet, but he has invited his friend to come to his next lesson!!
Oh also, we will get to go tot the temple next week! Apparently, only certain zone's ever get to go and we are one of them! We'll be there TUESDAY August 11th and THAT WILL BE OUR P DAY. So you won't hear from me until then!
- We had interviews with President and Sister Back last week. They are GREAT. Sister Back actually reminds of me of you! She is really loving and easy to talk to. President Back is awesome. You can really feel the genuine love that he has for you from the second you meet him.
I personally have had so many learning opportunities this week that if I mentioned all of them this would be a VERY long email!
Big thing that I learned this week- I have a testimony of personal study and receiving personal revelation through that study. I have been able to not just gain a deeper knowledge of the doctrine but I have also had many opportunities to share what I have learned in lessons with others and help those people. I know that The Spirit truly is THE teacher and that our personal study time is not just for us but for those that we meet and teach.
I am already learning so much and cannot wait to see what the rest of my mission will teach me. Although I have questioned if I should be here more than once, I can say now that I am glad to be here learning the things that I am learning. I know that I am getting stonger and stronger everyday and that The Lord is preparing me to find those people who are ready to recieve the gospel here at this time.
I am glad to be here and glad to be serving as a missionary.
Thank you all SO much for your love, prayers and encouragement.
Sister A

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