Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

God Our Strength Will Be; Press Forward Ever, Called To Serve Our King

(From 9/20/15)
Hello everyone!
It's been another long but good week!
Sister Salts and I are working hard and are still teaching some wonderful people.
One thing that I realized that I had failed to mention to you all is how incredibly international Sydney is! I mean people here are from ALL over. Vietnam, Cambodia, Serbia, Holland, Iraq, New Zealand, Syria, Samoa, Thailand, Africa, Russia - EVERYWHERE! It is so amazing to me. Sister Salts and I have to carry around more pamphlets in other languages than in English! It is always way more likely that we will run into someone who's first language is NOT English. And I am LOVING it! Meeting people from so many different places and cultures is such a great learning experience for me. And I still know that we are all brothers and sisters who were created in the similitude of our Heavenly Father.
Sister Salts is THE BEST! WE get along SO well and are working really well together. She loves music, plays piano like a boss and I think I might have already said she's from Hawaii. She was going to BYU-H and wants to be a teacher. She visa waited in SLC for a transfer before getting here. Is one of seven. Her dad is actually from Tennessee! and her mom is from Micronesia. wherever in the world that is. Seriously, SHE IS THE BEST.

We taught a less active of about 10 years on Saturday and she came to church yesterday!! The Lord really does prepare people to receive this gospel ALL.THE.TIME.
I just want to bear testimony that you NEVER know who the Lord prepares for you. You HAVE to talk with everyone you see. This gospel is true and blesses lives and families! Why not allow everyone the opportunity to find that truth and receive those blessings?!
I love this gospel SO much and am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share it with others.
Thank you ALL for your constant love, support and prayers!
Sister A

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