Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lord Of All, To Thee We Raise This Our Hymn Of Grateful Praise

Hello everyone!
Yesterday was transfers and I have good news- I'm staying in Green Valley with Sister Salts!! Although, we moved out of the flat(apartment) that we were in and are now in a different flat by ourselves. It's a pretty nice one and slightly closer to those that we visit and teach.
Just some random thoughts I wanted to share:
- McDonald's here is the equivalent to a Starbucks in New York City. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. But they are REALLY nice! They have something called "Create Your Taste" where you basically create your own burger. Everyone, it is SO good I don't think I will ever go back. Haha They NEED these in the states! Attached below is what my meal looked like.
- right now it's spring and about 30/35 degrees Celsius. That's about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And it feels more humid than West Virginia. This is spring in Australia. Not summer. Spring.
- On Thursday I will have been serving as a missionary for 6 MONTHS! I cannot believe that I will be a third done with my mission. Seriously, time FLIES when you're sharing the gospel!
- General Conference will air here this weekend and I am SO EXCITED! Of course we are inviting ALL of the investigators and less actives that we have been working with to watch it. It is going to be AMAZING!
And in other news, our investigator, Jack came to all three hours of church, a YSA fireside and has now made friends with our Stake President!! They are going to ride their bikes together sometime this week. Sister Salts and I are OVER THE MOON about the progress Jack is making.
Although I haven't seen it yet, here is a great quote I received from conference by Larry Lawrence "To him our direction is more important than our speed."
How reassuring and wonderful to know that the Lord is seeing our efforts, however small they may be. I know that it does not matter how fast or slow we are moving. As long as we are moving forward to Him.

Thank you all for your prayers, love, encouragement and support.
Peace be your journey,
Sister A

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