Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Thursday, June 4, 2015

- got an email letting me know that they are still working on my visa and that if I'm in Anaheim 9 months without it then I will finish my mission here. So we will see! But two other sisters going to my mission just got their visa's after two transfers, so there's still a chance I'll have it within the next six weeks!
- I've been asked to sing "Oh How Lovely Was The Morning" for a stake musical fireside next Sunday the 31st. I'll sing with an Elder on piano and another Elder on the cello. So excited!
- I'm also speaking next Sunday in the ward I'm serving in about the Holy Ghost.
- my companion and I drew this board for an investigator so that he could better understand the doctrine of Christ. As we were taking it back to our apartment I asked my companion, "what if I just stood on the street corner with this sign like some of those people who hold advertisements and danced around?!"

We had been inviting two of our investigators, a married couple, to church for a few weeks. While they had both been maybe two or three times within the last several months, only she had been able to come lately. But yesterday, THEY BOTH CAME! And what a wonderful day it was for them to come! The talks given were about covenants and temples. It was such a great meeting with an awesome spirit. Afterward, we asked them how they felt about the meeting. Kristina, our investigator said that John, her husband, wants to go to the temple and she wants them to be sealed! They are still investigating but it was SO nice to hear her say that. She even said, "we both want to keep moving forward." I nearly cried happy tears! I just want to say that no matter what happens after today on my mission, I will remember what Kristina said and the feelings I had from the Spirit and it will make it all worth it. That is exactly why I am here; so that others can have the opportunity to experience the wonderful blessings of this gospel. I am so glad that they know and understand the importance of the temple and making covenants with Heavenly Father. I love this gospel and the light and blessings it brings to so many people, including myself and my family.
Love and miss you all!
Sister A

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